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raiz de tejocote/tejocote root

 Our root of tejocote is 100% all natural. A pesticide-free cultivation process further reinforces our commitment to the consumer to bring an all-organic product to the shelves.  This root is then processed into microdoses before being packaged. From harvesting until the bottles reach their new home, our customers can rest easy knowing that safety and health guidelines are the number one priority of everyone of our supply chain members.  

benefits of our tejocote products

 The root aids with the issues of constipation, colitis, and hemorrhoids. It helps you lose body fat and lower cholesterol, while removing joint pain caused by excess weight or fluid retention. Our root also helps with the growth of hair and nails, making them grow healthy and strong. Another positive effect recently discovered is its ability to increase fertility. Those who do not wish to conceive must take precautions using their doctor recommended contraceptive treatment. 

covid-19 pandemic and our customers


Here at Just Root, we understand that the recent pandemic that’s struck this country has affected a lot of our customers’ livelihood. As a result, we are committed to continue helping you on your weight loss journey while offering more cost-effective solutions for your budget. During these times, it might seem silly or even questionable to continue on your path to healthier lifestyle.

 We get it.

However, with our new specials for both customers and distributors, we hope to encourage you to continue this journey. And rest assured that we will be there with you, side by side, to see it till the end!